The idea of experiential tourism is becoming more and more popular. Experiential tourism is a kind of tourism in which people highlight the experience of the place they are visiting by interacting with the local history, people, nature, and culture.

Adventure, sustainability, and original experiences are some of the main characteristics of experiential tourism. Part of experiential tourism is eco-tourism, also known as green tourism, in which tourists’ activities take place in the natural environment without hurting or upsetting the flora and fauna of the area.

In recent years there has been an increasing need for people to be in nature for many reasons related to their daily lives. The love of high-quality food. Awareness of issues affecting the planet. With these principles in mind, Orias also follows the three main pillars of sustainable tourism: hospitality, organic farming, and outdoor activities.

The “Orias Mountain Guesthouse and Farm”, the “Orias farm-to-table sustainable food” restaurant, and Trekking Hellas Achaea offer unique experiences, culinary pleasures, inspiring and unique experiences, and various activities.

Harvesting grapes in Kalavrita