Grape harvest & pressing | aromatic herbs distillations | wines & spirits tasting | live music | DJ set and more

Enjoy the magical experience of the grape harvest, at the Orias Guesthouse & Farm in Kalavrita, with special guests such as Nomade et Sauvage & local producers.
For three days, you will be introduced to the rustic culture of the countryside, reviving the process of grape harvesting, picking & distillation of aromatic plants, open-fire cooking, traditional music, and tasting wines &
spirits from local producers of Aegialia, highlighting a memorable DJ set.

The package includes:
Two overnight stays at Orias Guesthouse
Harvesting in our vineyards and grape pressing
Distillation of aromatic plants grown on our farm
Two nomadic meals in the countryside with Nomade et
Tasting of wines and local spirits with the physical
presence of the wineries Tetramythos, Mega Spileo &
the organic distillery Aithra Spirits
Dj set by George Bakalakos aka NTEIBINT
Traditional feast with the Kinteria band
Late check-out on Sunday
Firewood for the fireplace

Nomade et Sauvage

Nomadic life | Dining by the fire | Handmade cookware | Extraordinary dining experience

Nomade et Sauvage are people who cook in nature, over a wood fire, using handmade equipment that takes you back in time, living nomadically and drawing inspiration for their meals from the history & tradition of the places they visit.

Tetramythos Winery

The organic winery that you can meet on the way to Kalavrita. Organic wines, with minimal intervention in both the vineyard and winemaking, where each single variety label highlights the identity of each local variety and the terroir of Aigialia to the fullest.

Mega Spileo Estate

Mega Spileo, the monastery of Mega Spileo abbey, dates back to the mid-15th century and bears a beautiful history linked to wine production, which was part of the diet of the monks and the locals. Today the vineyard is cultivated almost organically, with indigenous varieties such as Mavro Kalavritino, Lagorthi, and others.

Aithra Spirits

The organic distillery Aithra Spirits, based in Patra, is an innovative effort by 2 young people, who are the first in Greece to produce certified organic alcoholic beverages without added sugar.


NTEIBINT is the musical alter ego of the Greek music producer Giorgos Bakalakos, who has been at the top of the Greek electronic music scene for several years now.
The talented producer is known for his rich mid-tempo sets and powerful grooves. He plays host to a daily radio show on En Lefko 87.7. He is also working with singer Matina Sous Peau on “Back To The Roots of Love” and “Love Is Everywhere”.

Kinteria band

In the wider region of Thessaly and Epirus, Kinteria means suffering, which in the traditional music of Thessaly is the main theme of their songs. The Kinteria band is a musical group that attempts to travel all over Greece, reviving traditional music and the “ritual” of feasting and dancing in modern times.

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