Youth Camp

Every summer we organize summer adventure programs for our young ones! The summer program offers a variety of experiences and activities in the mountain range of Chelmos. Kids and teenagers make lifetime memories on the mountain in the legendary Vouraikos Gorge and the beautiful Lake Tsivlou! Through our activities our young adventurers learn to love and respect nature. They explore the flora and fauna of the National Park, learn the rules that govern mountain life and get to know the history and tradition of the area firsthand. We follow paths of historical importance and participate in agricultural activities in the farm gardens. We learn to read maps and observe the starry sky! We also host a day with an experienced mountain guide, who shares with us the secrets of the mountains!
We aim to give our kids the chance to develop life skills and promote significant values such as mutual aid, self-esteem, friendship, love, and respect for nature. Our vision is to instill in our children a love for nature and outdoor activities and offer them experiential learning opportunities.
All our activities are specially designed for children and are operated with trained guides following all safety rules!